Debt collector who ‘threatened’ single mother over £400 for parking fine is under investigation

Debt collectors Bristow and Sutor are investigating internally a bailiff who allegedly threatened a single mother during an unannounced visit, the council that issued the fine said. Jemma Martin, 31, a mother of two on Universal Credit from Nottingham, was given a parking ticket in Skegness for parking above the white lines.

She is currently contesting the ticket with East Lindsey District Council and says she was not made aware of the bailiffs’ visit before they arrived, demanding nearly £400. A spokesman for East Lindsey District Council, however, disputes this, saying: “In accordance with due process the lady in question has been written on four occasions and no response has been received to these communications.

“Following this lack of response, the matter was passed on to the bailiffs who again wrote to the lady twice and no response was received to these letters.” Miss Martin said the usher who visited her made her feel threatened.

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She said: “He threatened to come to my house and take my things,” adding that when she said she wouldn’t let him in, he told her he would break into the house. “I had a guy in front of me telling me he could break into my house and take my stuff,” she said.

“I was very intimidated, he was a big guy.” The ELDC spokesperson confirmed that Bristow and Sutor were internally investigating the employee following a complaint made by Miss Martin.

The spokesperson said: “As is normal in these cases, the lady was visited by bailiffs and this prompted a complaint to the bailiff company which will be investigated by them in using their internal procedures.”

We’ve reached out to Bristow and Sutor for comment.

Tana T. Thorsen