Mr. Gu could have been a debt collector, according to these clues

by Netflix My Release Notes The K-drama has fans obsessed with Mr. Gu, played by actor Son Seok-koo. The calm, mysterious, and serious character has a story that everyone wants to experience in K-drama. Fans don’t know much about him other than his addiction to soju. My Release Notes Episode 4 revealed hints that Mr. Gu might have been a debt collector.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for My Liberation Notes.]

Mr. Gu from ‘My Liberation Notes’ | through JTBC

Mr. Gu works for the main characters’ father and remains alone in “My Liberation Notes”

In My Release Notes, Mr. Gu lives in a guesthouse on the farm property and works with the siblings’ father, Je-ho, and mother. He helps out on the farm and in the family’s custom furniture business. Fans know that Mr. Gu hardly talks to anyone. Every day he buys two bottles of soju and sits outside the guest house.

My Release Notes Episode 4 transported fans into Mr. Gu’s past and can theorize who he was. Chang-hee tries to tell Mr. Gu about his past. It is curious how he managed to arrive in a quiet and desolate town. Mr. Gu replies, “I got off at the wrong stop. Much like Chang-hee, fans were confused by what he meant.

In the final scenes, Mr. Gu recalls a moment from his past that led him to the village and changed his life. Flashbacks reveal a snowy night at Dangmi Station in Sanpo Village and a woman shouting, “I said, get off!” someone’s house.

Mr. Gu is well-dressed, neat and leaning against a pole, staring at an unidentified woman on the phone. Later, the scene has an unfamiliar voice telling Mr. Gu that he would have been in trouble if he continued. The voice asks, “How did you know how to run?”

Mr. Gu may have been a debt collector before he came to Sanpo Village

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Mr. Gu’s flashbacks further give a possible theory about his past. In another flashback, fans saw him asleep on the train before waking up and getting off at a train station by accident. What he told Chang-hee might have been true. Some clues hint at the possibility that Mr. Gu was a debt collector and somehow ended up in Sanpo.

In the episode, Mr. Gu is in town with Je-ho at work. The client refuses to pay the amount of the work, leaving Je-ho with only part of the payment. When Mr. Gu drops him off at his house, he angrily drives back to town and visits the customer. At dinner, Je-ho’s wife doesn’t understand how Mr. Gu made the customer pay the full amount.

Je-ho remains silent as if he knows what Mr. Gu has done. In the My Release Notes episode, Mr. Gu tells Mi-jeong the cold hard truth about life. He reveals that he knows she probably lent some man money. Turning to her, he even offers to give it back to her. Mr. Gu tells her that she won’t get her money back by being nice.

In previous episodes, Mi-jeong asked Mr. Gu for a favor. Not wanting her family to know, she sent a notice letter from the bank to her address. Although Mr. Gu is cold, he willingly helps her, as if he has experience in such matters.

Fans have a theory about who the young woman was in her ‘My Liberation Notes’ flashbacks

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The theory that Mr. Gu was once a debt collector in My Release Notes is plausible. He also might have had some affiliation with the case. In all of his scenes with Mi-jeon, he is hesitant to get close to her and give in to what she asks of him. Some fans have a theory on how Mr. Gu has another connection to Sanpo and possibly Mi-jeong.

Her flashback revealed a young woman at the train station. A fan on Twitter commented, “Gu got off the subway before a woman shouted, ‘I said, get off! And it apparently saved his life. THIS WOMAN IS MIJUNG AND SHE SAVED HER MAN WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT. Mijung & Gu exude destiny.

It is possible that Mr. Gu got off at the wrong station after hearing the woman’s calls for help. Fans think it could have been Mi-jeong due to the blurry facial features. Mr. Gu is running from something or even himself. The theory is that he was once a debt collector or had a debt in his own mountain that he wanted to escape.

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